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Visit Wexford 


PR, Digital Marketing and Communications


Visit Wexford is a local tourism industry and Wexford Co. Council partnership to promote Co. Wexford as a tourist destination.

After Covid-19, and restrictions in travelling, Wexford has had the challenge to attract staycationers during 2020, and O’Connell Marketing has made Wexford the leading county for staycations in Summer 2020.

Project Deliverables

  • Develop a new Summer and Autumn campaigns focus on staycations
  • Press launch 
  • Marketing and Press/Media Management
  • SEO, web optimization
  • Website maintenance
  • Digital Marketing campaigns
  • Social Media Management, including the creation of a TikTok account, and Graphic Design
  • Budget Management
  • Reporting 

KPIs June- Aug 2020

AVE National Media:  €528,094.64

Website sessions: +200% YOY

Social Media Reach: 4,4M impressions, 129k engagement+ with 5k+ fans 

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