The O’Connell Marketing Team is assisting its clients during the COVID-19 pandemic crisis.

If your business needs to identify solutions to areas of exposure within your business, developing strategies to survive during the crisis and to grow stronger when it passes, contact us.

As a business specialist with a full experienced and innovative team, we can assist you to adapt to ensure your business is agile during the challenges of COVID-19.

We can offer the following services;

– Implement remote working procedures and teamwork plans

–  Assess your marketing plan during and after the pandemic

– Develop and implement a business continuity plan

– Help the continuity of your business and draw the post-pandemic strategy

– Assist to reduce variable costs, overheads, and expenses

– Develop Marketing campaigns 

–  Define and implement PR & Communications campaigns

– Assistance with funding applications/supports available 

Digital Marketing to trade online 

– Planning to reopen how to adapt your businesses so it can run effectively with safety measures in place for social distancing as part of WHO guidelines and national strategy, Government guidelines

Funding is available for your business through your Local Enterprise Office (LEO). To find out more about the Business Continuity Voucher, click here.

So if your business has been affected by the crisis, we can assist you and your team to address the main issues and maximise potential opportunities around COVID-19 challenges.