Chief Office Controller

Our strongest team member in terms of muscle and the real boss is our furry friend Porter, who is our Chief Office Controller and heads up security, his duties include, checking the bins hourly to ensure everyone is recycling correctly, welcoming everyone with open paws only, however only the couriers that bring him treats receive a paw and a big slobbery kiss. He loves lunchtime and is a great time-keeper also known for bringing in the football or one of his favourite toys at 5 pm on the button. While our black lab excels on his social and communication skills, Porter is also fun, strong-minded, determined and not to forget very creative.  He hides his treasures well by burying them somewhere in the garden. In his spare time, Porter loves farming with his buddy and exploring the lovely trails, rivers and beaches in Wexford and taking trips to Kerry with Jean where his favourite swimming spot is Inch beach in Kerry where an Inch is a Mile.  

However, most of his work days are spent lying on the sun lounger outside the office – It’s certainly a dogs life at O’Connell Marketing.   Check out more antics from Porter on TikTok